Our team photo schuedle starts this coming weekend (13-15 July).

As you can imagine, it is a difficult job arranging photos for 85 teams with 880 players.

Please click here to down load the photo schuedle and to find your allocated time.  

Please note the time listed is the sitting time so please be ready 10 minutes before hand so everythig goes smoothly.

Players are to wear their normaly playing kit with their team jersey.

Every junior player will recieve a free team photo on presentatiuon day and you can order extra photos and individual photos on the day of the photo shoot.


Due to the availability of our photographer - it is not possible to schdeule make up sessions.

The photo session will still go ahead even if your game has been cancelled due to the rain.

There is no ability in insert the photo of an absent player so you will need to attend your session if you want to be in the photo.



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