Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Bayside Utd (Park Ridge) semi-final

Well what a year for the Loganholme U11 Division 3 Team who have been crowned “PREMIERS” of their respective division having lost one and drawn two games all year, including their Grading Games. They have won the Major Semi Final against Bayside last week 3 – 1, and are now playing in the Grand Final this week. Congratulations to all the boys and well done to Matthew Godbar who scored two goals on the weekend with goals set up by Alistair Douglas and Hayden Burke. The first goal was scored by Brandon Gay, with a lovely flick on header from Bryce Fredericks and this placed the team in a dominating position for the rest of the game. The week before Callum Vine saved a penalty from Capalaba, and yet again this week he kept the boys in the game in the first half with a superb save in the left hand corner. Our defence was again solid with good performances from the Brick (Ryan O’Sullivan), Adam Money, who cleans up well in central defence and Linden Farr, Ama Temulski, Matthew Green and Ryan Rees. Our midfield this year has been rock solid with good possession held and great game play from Alistair Douglas ( the penalty king), who has scored over 8 goals, Jessie Lamar,(who is also adept at playing a striker role), Dylan Hostland, Jacob Hannah, Jack Orr and Matthew Godbar. Congratulations to our two regular strikers Brandon Gay and Bryce Fredericks, who have scored over 20 goals between them for the season, which have been largely contributed to by good team play and solid football from all within the team.” Thanks to our excellent coaching from Colin Douglas and Chris O’Reilly, who have transformed this group of individuals into a “Football Team”

Grand Final – 13 September 2008        LOGANHOLME V CAPALABA

FRI  01 AUGUST 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Souths Utd (home)

After some wet weather, a draw, and a win against Redlands in the previous weeks we came out strong against South’s, our boys were very solid all over the paddock with defence and centres feeding some good ball to our strikers having some quality shots on goal, to South’s credit their goal keeper had a very good game saving some great shots with good clearing kicks. We had some great ball skills with clean direct and strong pass’s reaching the intended player every time. (very well done to all our boy’s) We had Callum Vine help out in our goal’s for first half having a very safe game then we chucked him into the action and did very well, once against thanks Callum. with a couple of goals up we were able to give some of our boy’s a run in different position’s one who appreciated this the most was Ryan O’Sullivan (the brick) after Alistair Douglas had done a fantastic job in the middle the brick moved up into some action and certainly enjoyed his time up there. Man of the match went to Dylan Hostland and a well deserved award for another solid game. We have another makeup game this Thursday night against South’s again so focus and the old never go in that we can beat them again attitude was a bit of a focus at training Monday night. well done to all the boy’s another great game.

SAT 21 JUNE 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Park Ridge (away)

3-0 win

What a difference a week makes after going down to Redlands 1-0 on Black Friday the 13th our boy’s made a huge turn around to win there game on Saturday. We had good clean crisp and accurate passing from defence to middle to strikers and we did it all day it was a pleasure to watch. The hard training is paying of boy’s keep it up.We had a stand in keeper for this game Zac Burton from under 10’s and thanks to his Mum & Dad they travelled a long way for Zac to touch the ball maybe two or three times, thanks to the Brick (Ryan O’Sullivan ) at sweeper Jack Orr, Adam Money and Dylan Hostland who had a solid game with some good passing to Alistair Douglas, Linden Farr and Matty Godber feeding Bryce Frederick’s, Brandon Gay,Ryan Rees(mini me) and Jesse Larmer, thanks to coach’s Colin & Chris it was a calmer day for all as we had very minimal mistakes. Well done again boy’s

FRI  06 JUNE 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Mt Gravatt (away)

On Friday Night we had a 0-0 draw with our boy’s trying hard but somehow things just never came off. We had good defence again with several boys playing out of there skins, one was Mathew Godber who won man of match followed closely by Jacob Hanna and Dylan Hostland. The ball didn’t bounce our way at all and we had difficulty in final control. All in All we had a good game and still stand on top of ladder and looking forward to this Friday’s game at home.

SAT  31 MAY 2008

No game due to rain but>>>

With all games cancelled over weekend and a lot of disappointed kids not only in our team but many others, we all had something to get excited about as we took the boys to Suncorp for the big game, for all it was the fist time they have been to a Socceroos International and man were they excited all the boy’s had Socceroos gear on with flags etc, we all met at 8 Mile Plains and jumped onto the bus and all you could hear were our boy’s at full speed singing and chanting etc. They had allot of fun going over Victoria bridge with other supporters walking to Suncorp, by the time we reached our seats there eyes nearly popped out at the view and atmosphere was just unreal. Just sitting watching our boy’s enjoying themselves to the max was fantastic and team building for all. A huge thanks to Dave and Jenny Hanna for passing on the tickets and I know the boy’s(and parent’s) are very very grateful for this, it is gestures like this that really make a good team gel together Thanks again Guy’s.



SAT 24 MAY 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Regents Park (home)

Our boys started very strongly scoring in the first 2 mins of play and to Regents park credit they came back strongly and held us out untill the 6th min when we scored again, Regent’s Park then scored around the 20th min after a small slip up by Loganholme and it was a cracker goal, We got ourselves together after half time with another all in team effort to score another 2 goals, our ball control was brilliant with passes coming onto the next player and sitting up perfectly. A lot of this is a credit to the boy’s training at FMG every Wed night and constant training with Colin and Chris. All that hard work at training is starting to show in the games we are playing. Well done again Boys


SAT 17 MAY 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Bayside (away)

The Loganholme U11 Div 3 boys played at Bayside again this weekend and played on a full sized field in particularly hot conditions. Through some good possession the Loganholme boys attacked the Bayside goal early and missed several early opportunities, with their keeper being very busy and pulling off some great saves. A late goal in the first half ensured Loganholme went into the break with a 1 nil advantage. Well done to Dillon who scored his first team goal for the season. Changes were made to the team line up at half- time by coaches Colin Douglas and Chris O’Reilly which resulted in three goals in the first 10 mins and eventually Loganholme slotted 7 goals, winning by a comfortable margin. Well done to all the boys who are retaining possession and dominating play in the early pat of the season and well done to Bryce who scored a hat-trick on the day.


FRI   09 MAY 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Capalaba (home)

The perfect start to the comp year with a 2-0 win over Capalaba. Once again we had brilliant defence demoralizing the opposition strikers led by Ryan O’Sullivan (the brick) Adam Money, Ama Tumalski, with Jack Orr in goals for 1st half. Our mids were kept busy with Alistair Douglas in control with big contributions from Dylan Hostland and Mathew Green (borrowed from U10) giving our Strikers plenty of ball Bryce Frederiks, Brandon Gay, Mathew Godber, and Jesse Larmer keeping Capalaba goal keeper busy. Jed brown (also borrowed from U10) put in a very solid effort scoring around the 24 min mark. in the 1st 5 mins of second half Jesse Larmer was knocked (accidentally) by a bigger defender and went down rather hard Coach Colin Douglas did a 100 m sprint in less than Olympic qualifying got Jesse off and to Jesse’s credit went back on and scored a header around the 40 min mark.Callan Mossop returned from injury and also had a great game. An entertaining game to say the least with a good result for loganholme well done again boy’s Paul O’Sullivan


SAT 26 APRIL 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Mooroondu (away)

The boys from U11 Div 3 played Mooroondu @ Thornside who have been winning their grading games by large margins, some in double figures. The Loganholme boys dominated play again this week with a fantastic effort from the whole team. After a disallowed goal from Bryce we found ourselves down 1 nil at half time. With no goalkeeper again this week due to injury to Callan Mossop, Matthew and Jack did a great job between the sticks and the outfield boys played impressive soccer with no less than 20 attempts on goal. The Mooroondu goal keeper had a very busy time holding out our strikers Bryce, Jessie, Brandon and our midfield players Alistair and Linden. The Mooroondu boys were limited in their shots on goal with our backs being very strong as usual. Ryan and Adam were particularly strong again this week. The eventual score was a 3-3 draw and after the majority of boys had been involved in cross country and a late game on Wednesday night against the U10 FMG Team, click here for match report which they won 2 -1 after playing a good game and controlling the play, with Alistair Douglas scoring two sensational goals, this was another great effort. Well done team and coaches Colin Douglas and Chris O’Reilly, let’s keep the good football going.


SAT  05 APRIL 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Bayside (away)

Wow what a game the Bayside boy’s were a lot bigger than ours, we were held the to 0-0 until around the 40 minute mark when with an all out team effort we managed to get one in before half-time. Our defence on the day was outstanding thanks to Ryan, Adam and Lachlan and our attack was also good with Linden putting in some perfect cross balls to feed our strikers. A hard game but we came out on top 1-0 with another all in team effort.


SAT 29 MARCH 2008

Loganholme U11 Div 3 –V- Capalaba (home)

Loganholme V Capalaba. Played last Friday night 28/03/08 at 8.00pm the ground was rather soggy but our Boy’s took it to Capalaba after we conceded the first goal. Coach’s Colin Douglas and Chris O’Reilly did an outstanding job to get our boy’s focussed on what they needed to do to get back and win the game 4-1. Congratulations to all our boy’s you did us proud.


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