Name Change & Constitution

Club Name change:

Our AGM in November 2008 witnessed a historic day for our club.  A vote was held to determine if we should change the name of our association.  A primary vote was conducted with four alternative names (Loganholme Football Club, Loganholme F C, Logan Football Club and Logan F C).

The popular vote was Loganholme F C (14 votes) over Logan F C (8 votes), followed by Loganholme Football Club (5 votes) and Logan Football Club (1 vote).

A secondary vote was then conducted to determine if the popular choice (Loganholme F C) should replace our existing name (Loganholme Soccer Club). 

There was a unanimous vote of 28-0 in favour of changing our club name to Loganholme F C.

On 29 January 2009, the Office of Fair Trading registered the name change of name and we are now officially called Loganholme F C Incorporated.  We will still retain the colloquial name of Loganholme Lightning.

Click here to view a copy of our Certificate of Incorporation.


Also at our AGM in November 2008, the proposed ammendments to our constitution were accepted unanimously 28-0.  The final draft of the constitution was forwarded to the Office of Fair Trading for approval.  On 29 January 2009, the Office of Fair Trading registered our ammended Constitution.  Click here to download a copy of our Constitution.

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